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The Umbrella Model: Early Feedback

It’s been a little more than two weeks since we launched The Umbrella Model of Public Relations.  I thought it would be fun to talk through some of the feedback received to date, and keep the discussion going.

First off, I’ve been amazed at the response in general.  It’s been the busiest two weeks for the Game Changer website in the history of the firm.  I’ve been featured in Bulldog Reporter, PR Expanded and more – and more pieces of this kind are in the works.  There definitely seems to be a buzz about it, and I’d like to think it’s because the PR community really was in need a model like this.  I’m thrilled the Umbrella Model is filling a gap; again, the whole point here is to elevate our profession and add more value to the clients and organizations we represent.

I have seen a couple of outlier comments, however, that challenge the breadth of the model.  There are some people that have said that it should do more to address digital/social PR approaches, advertising and more.  While the comments are fair, I would say that these are tactical in nature – and they fall under the External Communications element of the umbrella.  They are tools in our toolbelt, not higher-level elements or strategies that necessarily drive business outcomes.  We should consider them appropriately.

Based on the feedback to date, there will be more of the Umbrella Model coming.  Webinars, interactive models and more have been requested by the community; we’ll do our best to deliver!  Stay tuned to The Game Changer for more details as they’re available.

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