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The Intern Chronicles – Part 1

I’m already closing in on the end of my second month at Game Changer—and what a time it has been. After reflecting on my experience thus far, I’ve come up with a few main takeaways.

  1. First and foremost, I’ve learned a ton. I entered the internship with previous communications experience, but I was new to high-tech. Since Game Changer primarily services that industry, I felt a little worried about the learning curve. I caught myself on my first day thinking, “Boy, I hope I know what I’m talking about.” To my relief, Jason did a good job of teaching me the tricks of the trade and eased me into the technical writing. A little while ago, I drafted a three-part blog series on data security. That’s good progress if you ask me.
  1. Working on that blog series is just one of the ways I’m getting great experience. I started my summer internship search with one objective: find an opportunity that will get me working. I’m glad I landed here, because since my first day I’ve written social content including blogs and twitter posts, drafted news releases and case studies, and done media relations. Some of that experience could be found elsewhere, but the opportunities unique to my internship here are pitching stories to the media, working directly with clients and helping further the business through agency marketing projects. Extra exposure like that will do me well in jumpstarting my career.
  1. I love the company virtues. We work hard at Game Changer, but we also understand the importance of balance. I had the freedom to take time off and attend my younger brother’s high school graduation earlier in June. My to-do list had little whitespace before and after my trip, but I had the flexibility to spend valuable time with my family. In addition to flexibility, the trust and responsibilities that come with my job are refreshing. I touched on this a little, but getting to dive in to client relationships makes my experience here richer—I might be an intern, but I’m involved.

Looking ahead, I know the future is as bright as the past. I look forward to expanding my experience and knowledge during my time at Game Changer. It’s been a great ride so far, and I’ll be sure to write more about what’s to come.

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