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The Intern Chronicles – Kyle’s Final Entry

Well, this is it. I’m writing to you now on my last day as an intern at Game Changer Communications. It’s a weird sentence to type, especially when I think about all that’s happened in the last seven months. Here at Game Changer, we’ve added new clients, seen success on client and agency projects, launched a new model of PR, participated at several professional conferences (well Jason did the attending and speaking, but I did help with the prep), but the list goes on and on. Thinking about all I’ve seen during my internship makes me reflect on what I’ve taken away from my experience, and I thought I’d list a few highlights here:

  1. Great experience

I wrote in the first blog in this series that my main objective for this past summer was to find an internship that got me working. Boy did I meet that goal. I’ve taken the media relations process though its entirety, marketed the agency, conducted research, joined client meetings, networked with PR pros and—perhaps most importantly—refined my writing chops. The latter is a key value for me because everywhere I turn in PR, I’ll be writing. Maybe next I’ll change from working on data storage client projects, but the fundamental skills of concise writing and powerful storytelling stay the same. Through the variety of work and coaching from Jason, I can continue on knowing I’ve made great progress here.

  1. An insider look

 From working in a small, specialized PR agency, I got an in-depth behind the scenes perspective on how the business works. I saw the new business process in action and the power of agency marketing. I learned how to balance client needs and manage projects without ever sacrificing a degree of quality. I also picked up general knowledge on agency life like time management, how to effectively distribute press releases through wire services and website maintenance. Not necessarily sexy, but important nonetheless.

My insider perspective wasn’t limited to only agency aspects. Through working closely with each client, I learned the fundamental practices of client business. By spending so much time with clients, I built relationships with the individual people we’d work with—something that Game Changer as a whole does especially well. I could have casual conversations with clients and get an authentic look into how their professional world works, how marketing departments develop their strategies and how they leverage what we do for them for their business. It’s the hands-on stuff like this that I couldn’t learn in the classroom, and I’m excited to keep it up.

  1. A Game Changer mindset

I’m especially glad I could join Jason on the Game Changer Communications team. Through my experience here, I learned so much about what it takes to be a PR professional, and I know I can fall back on these lessons at any time. I’ve made great memories that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life—I mean how could I forget being treated to Twins game on one of my first afternoons as an intern or celebrating the agency anniversary on Game Changer Day? Getting to know Jason was a great pleasure as well. He’s a great boss and exceptional mentor, and I know he’ll always be available for advice. I’m a firm believer it’s all about good relationships. It’s true for Game Changer doing great work for clients, it’s true for PR pros bouncing off new, big ideas over coffee, and it’s true for me as I continue elsewhere into my career. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I’m incredibly thankful to be a Game Changer, and I look forward to keeping up on all the agency’s great work sure to come.


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