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The Game Changer World View of PR, Part 2

In Part 1 of our World View series, we talked about the difference between PR people being seen as strategists versus tacticians.  We at Game Changer have adopted a bigger-picture world view of PR than most of our industry peers, and we want to be true organizational strategists who add value in a variety of different ways using strategic communications.  How do we get there?

First, it’s helpful to remember some basic communications theory.  Essentially, every human interaction of any kind in the world is a communication event.  Whether verbal or nonverbal, a sender sends a message to a receiver through a medium.  There may be outside noise that distorts or interferes with the receiver’s ability to understand the message.  There also is a feedback loop in which a sender can determine whether or not their message was received in the manner they intended.  This is a very academic approach, but it applies to everything we do as PR people.  Have we crafted the right message?  Are we disseminating it at the right time, with the right medium?  Is the message appropriate for the receiver or audience?  Will the message be interpreted and resonate in the way we want?  How can the receiver give feedback?  What’s the noise that could distract someone or cause them to misinterpret our message, and how can we minimize or eliminate it?
Communications Theory Model
Second, it’s helpful to keep in mind the textbook and industry definition of public relations: the management function by which an organization builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with its publics.  This is broad and vague on purpose, because…public relations is broad and vague.  Just about everything can fall under this umbrella – external relations (including media relations, digital/social media and more), content marketing, internal communications, public affairs, events and much more.  It’s up to us as counselors to help our clients determine what will help them, and how to deploy it for their optimal benefit.

So that’s what we do.  At Game Changer, we ask our clients what their big-picture business goals are, and then we bring in the PR strategies and tactics that will best help them achieve their goals.  It’s a simple concept, but not just anyone can deliver on this world view.  We can, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • We have first-hand experience in the various disciplines that fall under the umbrella of public relations, so we understand if/when/how to use them properly.
  • We offer the experience and big-picture perspective required to have this strategic orientation.  We have agency, corporate, freelance, entrepreneurial, public, private, large, small and just about any other kind of company experience you can imagine.  I personally am Accredited in Public Relations (APR), which is the equivalent of a CPA in accounting and the seal of approval from our industry marking me as a seasoned strategic professional.  No matter what your situation is, or how different your goals might be from the organization next to you, we understand your needs and can offer salient counsel on how best to service them.  Most likely, in one form or another, we’ve lived it on the inside just like you.
  • We are plugged in.  We read the news in multiple formats every day.  We talk to people – true experts and thought leaders – on a daily basis.  We are involved in trade organizations, and share our knowledge.  We invest in our community.  It’s amazing how much all of this keeps us well-rounded, sharp and savvy.

Ours is a world view that has resonated with our clients, and that will inform just about everything that will be published on this blog going forward.  If you have questions, or you’d like to know more about it, please drop us a note and let us know.

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