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The Game Changer World View of PR, Part 1

Person:  What do you do?hand-and-globe
Me:  I’m in the public relations business.
Person:  Oh, so you help companies save face/you work with the media/you do advertising?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a conversation like this.  Yes, that probably means you…we’ve all been there.

It’s fascinating to me how large a majority of people in the business world – and even within the PR industry – think of us PR pros as tacticians.  We place stories in the media for our clients.  We help people and organizations navigate through crises.  We stage events.  We do x for y.  At their core, these are all tactics – things we do for our clients.  They also are transactional – they hire us to provide a finite service, and then when it’s done it’s over.

This is a dangerous box for us to be in professionally; essentially, if businesspeople see PR people as tacticians, then they do not think of us as strategists.  This is severely limiting with regard to the true value we can bring to the world, because there’s a massive difference between a tactician and a strategist.

This has led us at Game Changer Communications to adopt a different world view of PR than most of our industry peers.  We want to be the latter – trusted organizational advisors who add value in a variety of different ways using strategic communications.  So how do we get there?  Stay tuned…for Part 2 of this series.

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