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Study: B2B Slow to Gain From Data Analytics

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I came across a report from Data Intensity and Researchscape International, published about one month ago, that found 63 percent of B2B companies are frustrated with the time it takes to receive insights from data analytics.  It got me thinking…

Data analytics are tough for companies to activate. For one, they’re still pretty new – there aren’t a ton of best practices out there, so companies have to figure it out as they go along. Second, analytics are only that – analytics. It takes smart, seasoned staffers or consultants to slice and dice all that data, make sense of it and draw the conclusions that companies need to realize value. Then, when those findings have been discerned, you still have to strategize and mobilize around them. In my experience, it’s the bean counters and IT departments that are usually tasked with making sense of this kind of data. This makes sense, because these are the people who are usually best with data, figures, etc.

I would submit, however, that they might not always be best suited to draw the conclusions that organizations need to derive value. They simply don’t always have the perspective and line of sight across the organization to do that work – or the verbiage at their disposal to use to construct findings that will resonate with management. As a result, I think organizations might be shooting themselves in the foot a bit and might be their own worst enemy in time to value. Also, they would be wise to consider bringing fresh thinkers to the table.

I think it’s a natural fit for strategic communicators like us to step in and help, and at Game Changer this is an area of particular expertise. Before I founded Game Changer, I led North American PR at FICO for two years – that’s a world leader in analytics for businesses and consumers (including the FICO Score). I regularly translated complex value propositions and technical detail with target audiences to help them understand how analytics could deliver value to them. Also, in the last couple of years in particular, we’ve met with many companies and attended several conferences where analytics have been a top buzzword. I can attest that this is top of mind in B2B marketing today – and that we as professional communicators are in a unique position to add value.

If we can assist, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page or by writing info@gamechangercommunications.com.

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