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Our Mindset

We believe that public relations is about so much more than news releases and media clips.  Instead, we work to understand our clients’ big-picture objectives, and then we deploy the PR elements that we believe are best suited to achieve success against those objectives.  No matter what the program, our efforts deliver holistic organizational success.

Our Process

strategyCommunications Audit

We work with you to understand what your organizational objectives are, and how PR can move them forward.


Research & Strategic Planning

We help you develop strategic communications goals that align with real-world business outcomes.



We help you implement your plan, and help you monitor our efforts to optimize their success.



We tie results back to objectives, and help you understand your true return on investment.

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Our Services

Game Changer Communications offers a full suite of public relations and strategic communications services, including:

  • External Communications – Ensuring your organization communicates with outside stakeholders in ways that build strong relationships that drive business success
    • Media Relations
    • Analyst Relations
    • Digital and Social Media
    • Website Writing and Design
    • Advertising
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Content Marketing Strategy and Execution – Helping your organization develop the assets it needs to tell its story, and generate market demand and sales leads
    • Blog Posts
    • White Papers
    • Videos
    • And more…
  • Internal Communications – Maximizing your organization’s most important asset: its people
    • Culture and Moral Building
    • Communications Asset Design and Maintenance
    • Events
    • Coordination with Human Resources
  • Brand Development – Creating positive stakeholder experiences that drive business value
    • Key Message Development
    • Visual Identity
  • Executive and Management Counsel – Assessing communications-oriented consequences of big decisions and maximizing PR opportunities for the organization
    • Ongoing Advice on Business Decisions
    • Media Training
    • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Events – Making a big splash, launching a new product, allowing users to experience your brand, etc.
  • Crisis Communications Planning – Minimizing the negative effects of unfavorable situations and, just as important, “banking goodwill” in advance
  • Public Affairs and Issues Management – Anticipating how outside opportunities, threats, events and influences will affect your organization, and then addressing them appropriately
  • Investor Relations – Ensuring compliance in all necessary areas, and counseling organizations on how to proceed toward the next material event in their business plan
  • Research, Measurement and Evaluation – Building a strong foundation for the campaigns we work on, and ensuring efforts (current and future) meet and exceed organizational goals
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