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Lessons From Grandma Moe on Her 80th Birthday

I’m usually more professional in nature on this blog, but today I feel it’s appropriate and proper to pause and write a post honoring my grandmother Darleen Moe.  Today is her 80th birthday – it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate her and all that she’s done for me and our family, and reflect on what I’ve learned from her over the years.  Which, on both counts, is quite a lot.

There are many qualities that I think she embodies incredibly well, but a few in particular that really stand out.  I hope I’ve adopted them over the years, and I think we should all aspire to them in all aspects of our lives:

  • Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important to my grandmother than her family.  And time and time again, she proves it to us with actions AND words.  She shows up for events of all kinds.  She remembers big and small occasions with handwritten notes and phone calls.  When times are tough, she checks in, listens and encourages.  When we’re threatened, she gets on the front line and fights for us.  Nothing is ever more important than any one of us, no matter what.  We’re her people, and she protects and preserves us with everything she has.  That’s powerful stuff.
  • She had some major health issues in the 2000s, but she pushed through because she wanted to be there for the family, she wanted to see a lot of us get married and have kids, she wanted to see more milestone birthdays, etc.  And she hasn’t exactly had it easy since, but she continues to live her life the way she wants…no matter what, no excuses.  Nothing seems to limit her; she just keeps going.  And she’s always encouraging me to keep going after what I want in life.  It’s really inspiring.
  • My grandmother is as strong a believer as anyone that if you work hard and are a good person that things tend to work out for you.  As a kid, and even into my adult life, I’ve dreamed big – bigger than most.  And Grandma has never once told me I can’t or shouldn’t do anything; in fact, she says that she believes in me and knows I’ll achieve my goals and dreams.  Funny enough, somehow, most of the time I’ve done just that.  She still tells me that regularly, and she might be the only person on Earth who instinctively seems to know that Game Changer will be the immensely successful firm I’ve always wanted it to be.  I think inner belief and quiet confidence of this kind are pretty rare in the world today, and are worth capturing and harnessing however we can.

Thank you Grandma, for everything.  I wouldn’t be here without you.  Happy Birthday.


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