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The Game Changer Communications Immersion Package

Does this describe you?

–You work in a smaller organization, or one with an underdeveloped PR or marketing function

–You know you need a communications program to help you realize your full potential and capitalize on all your opportunities, but aren’t sure what kind

–You can’t afford a full program, but you know you need to do something

If any of these questions resonate with you, consider the Game Changer Communications Immersion Package!

The Immersion Package is specifically designed to get you off the dime and help you figure out what you need to do to move your organization forward.  You will tap into Game Changer’s significant experience and receive an actionable plan for success that contains:

  • Communications Audit – A review of existing messaging and assets to see if they are helping or hindering efforts to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Message Direction – Feedback on the kinds of go-to-market messages that will resonate most with your particular target audiences
  • Suggested Program – A customized plan of attack spanning the gamut of public relations that, if executed, would help you improve and grow your business. We could implement and execute this program, or you could do so internally
  • Executive Counseling – One-on-one or group meetings with your organization’s key executives to review the plan, receive advice and get answers to the tough questions

Interested in more information?

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