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Game Changer Turns 3

birthday cakeThis Sunday, September 13, Game Changer Communications turns 3 years old!  I’ve come to absolutely love the agency’s anniversary date – it’s so much fun to reflect on what we’ve done, how far we’ve come, etc.  What a privilege it is that I can say I’m here writing what has now become an annual tradition: an anniversary blog post!

I think I’m safe now in saying that Game Changer’s here to stay.  When I founded the firm I really didn’t know what to expect…I think any entrepreneur would say that in hindsight.  We’ve taken our lumps just like any other new business, and had plenty of challenges, but they haven’t taken us down.  I’m sure the ride will continue to be a wild one, but I’ve never been more confident that Game Changer will survive and thrive.  We have great clients, a great (and growing) team of staff and trusted advisors, great friends and supporters, etc.  I’m incredibly excited to see what the future has in store for us.

There’s no way to properly thank everyone for their contributions, but I have to try anyways.  It’s no easy task for a single father of two to own, run and grow a business, but the constant love and support of my sons, my parents and the rest of my family allows me to continue to do my best every day.  I couldn’t do it without them.  To our clients past, present and future, thank you for placing your confidence and trust in Game Changer.  It’s a real honor and privilege, and we don’t take it lightly.  To our lawyers, accountant, vendors and other advisors – thank you again for your sound counsel.  And to all the Game Changers out there (and you know who you are), thank you for your friendship and support.

Also – be sure to stay tuned to this blog and our website.  In connection with Game Changer’s anniversary date, a very special launch will be taking place early next week.  We’re excited to share with you what will be the culmination of a couple of years of hard work!

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