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Celebrating a Historic Day in America

Usually, when you come here to The Game Changer, you’re excited to read about the latest takes in the world of PR.  Today, however, there’s something more important to talk about.

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal nationwide. On behalf of the team at Game Changer, we proudly join the throngs of others in celebrating this historic victory for humanity.

Allow me to speak personally for a bit.  Many years ago I attended the commitment ceremony of two women in Minneapolis. Admittedly, I was on the fence about how I felt about same-sex marriage…I didn’t know anyone who was in a same-sex relationship, and I grew up in a conservative suburb of Minneapolis. But I watched those two wonderful people profess their love and admiration for each other in front of everyone in attendance, and dedicate themselves to taking care of each other no matter what. They made a choice, a simply beautiful choice, and I immediately found myself in a goosebump-inducing awe. I realized that day that the world needs a whole lot more of this kind of love, and is a much better place when people selflessly decide to enter into committed relationships. No matter who they are, and who their partner is. We should be doing all we can to enable these relationships, not block them, because we’re all better for it. I’ll never forget that day.

This is the civil rights issue of our time , and today is indeed a historic day. Game Changer is proud to be a place where diversity of race, gender, thought, ideas and everything else is welcomed and celebrated.  And we’ve rarely been prouder than we are today.

–Jason Sprenger

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