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A New Brand Can Be a Game Changer

Jeff Achen headshot(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first guest post in the history of The Game Changer! It’s written by Jeff Achen, a good friend of Game Changer and one of the leading emerging voices on integrated and digital marketing strategies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He’s not just talking about it either – in true Game Changer fashion, he’s doing the work…and his track record is pretty impressive. To celebrate the launch of his new brand, I offered him the chance to tell you all more about what he does, and how he ties it all back to PR. So, without any further adoue…)

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Jason Sprenger and I were sitting at a bar discussing our shared entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. A little over two years later, I’m happy to see what Jason has accomplished through Game Changer Communications. I also enjoyed sitting with him a few days ago discussing my own company’s growth and recent transition – and specifically my company’s new brand, which I just launched this week.

I’m a firm believer that branding plays an important role in public relations. It shapes a company’s public image. It is often the touch point for consumers and advocates, a way to rally around a company or its products and services. Can you picture a favorite logo or brand and your feelings associated with it? Then you understand the concept of image.

Photography and video production, as well as good website design, are critical components in building and maintaining a brand’s image. Photos and videos can make a brand seem dated, dorky or daring—all depending on the use (and quality) of photography and video.

Through CallSign51, my creative services company that specializes in photography, video production and website design, I help companies bolster their image with these ends in mind. Beyond image, these services also support my clients’ public relations initiatives and strengthen their reputation and relationships. I’d like to invite you to visit our website to learn more about our work and the methodologies behind it, as well as how these services can supplement your broader PR program.

My company’s image gets a fresh start this week, but its reputation will be shaped over time through quality work and good public relations. Jason, my friend, that’s why I hope we can have many more discussions. You pick the pub, I’ll pick up the check.CallSign51 logo

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